About Laura Film


Laura Film GmbH was founded by its president Thomas Schühly and focuses on the field of Production and Co-Production.

Thomas Schühly has made „Movie History” with pictures like “Name of the Rose”, “The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen” and “Alexander”. He has only worked with the best directors of the world such as Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Oliver Stone, Terry Gilliam, Bernardo Bertolucci  and Jean-Jacques Annaud to name a few. The company still continues to invest in significant projects. More detailed information about upcoming projects can be found on our “In Development” page.

The Company’s ambition is to make fantastic stories come to life on the theatre screen. Cinema is our passion and time has proven that even after 30 years in the movie business Laura Film belongs to Hollywood’s top cinematic companies. Have fun looking at our astonishing Productions and also at our projects showing Hollywood’s contemporary and precedent Movie Stars on the film set or even in private “Ambiente“ with Thomas Schühly.